Friday, November 12, 2010

American Orchid Society - Oasis for a Day

As an amateur photographer,  I am always looking for new subjects and there are few places in South Florida that have more beautiful subjects than the American Orchid Society in Delray Beach.  For the reasonable admission fee of $10.00, you can slip into another world inhabited by exotic creations and stunning colors.

Orchids and the other beauties that adore the South Florida humidity are spread over the 3.5 acres of gardens and in the 4000 sf greenhouse.  As you enter the gardens through the gift shop (which is amazing - can you day holiday gifts?), you are given a newsletter for what is in bloom for the month so each visit is completely unique.

Events and classes are also available and if you are looking for a special place to hold an event, there are few places more beautiful!  Bring a water bottle and there are water stations placed throughout the garden to fill up.  Ponds, a rainforest walk, a small wetlands area and winding paths with orchids growing in trees are all experiences in the gardens.

A day away, an oasis retreat - bring your camera!  Learn the language of the orchids and you will be back to talk to them over and over again.

photos by Shakti Womyn Photography - all rights reserved
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