Sunday, November 14, 2010

"As Greek As It Gets" -- Chris' Taverna in Lantana

It's no mystery why Chris' Taverna received the Talk of the Town Award in 2010.

Yesterday, I took some time out for a leisurely lunch at Chris' Taverna in Lantana with my good friend Tre, another Boca dweller. Since we've now officially entered beautiful weather season in South Florida, we opted for an outdoor table, the better to enjoy the balmy breezes and engage in people-watching on the sidewalk of the Lantana Pinewood Shopping Center, located at Lantana and Jog Roads.

As noted in the title of this post, Chris' brags about being "as Greek as it gets", with good reason. Tre and I hadn't dined there since last March, on an unusually blustery, cold day, requiring the restaurant to set up electronic torches outside. She'd ordered their tangy lemon chicken soup, served with warm pita bread -- and raved about it for days. I'd eaten a fresh Greek salad with strips of perfectly seasoned chicken, which rivaled even my much beloved Olympia Flame Diner in Deerfield Beach. Believe me, that's not an easy feat! (I will be posting a review of the diner in the near future...we're all about celebrating good food and service at The Palm Tree Press, after all!).

Opting to sample something new, yesterday we started off with a hummus appetizer, served with grilled red peppers, black olives and freshly baked pita. In an affront to my Italian heritage, I am not much of an olive-lover; in fact, I cannot stand them. So Tre (who is obviously a much better Italian than I) agreed to a trade: olives for peppers. And let me just say, we both savored every morsel in our own unique way -- YUM!

As for the spinach appetizer I ordered as my main course? Dee-lish!

And way too much to be eaten at once time. Unlike other Greek restaurants, Chris' does not skimp on the spinach; these babies were fully stocked with the healthy green veggie, feta cheese and the just the right mix of seasoning. Beautifully served with slices of ripe, red tomato and tzaziki sauce, half of this so-called appetizer-sized delicacy came home with me, to be later enjoyed for dinner.

Tre once again raved about the lemon chicken soup, which she paired with a gyro platter featuring strips of tender lamb and beef, garnished with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and accompanied by two side dishes. She'd chosen the lemon herb potatoes (can you tell she's into lemon?) and string beans in tomato sauce. And like me, she also headed home with a doggy bag, the contents of which, no doubt, to be scarfed up by her adorable foodie boyfriend (who is very supportive of our occasional "girls' day out").

And if you're on a budget like us, you'll find the prices to be very reasonable, especially given the amount of food they offer in return.

So South Floridians, if you're looking for authentic Greek food, friendly service and a fun, casual atmosphere, I cannot recommend Chris' Taverna in Lantana highly enough. Oompa!

For more information, call them at (561) 964-4233

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