Thursday, November 4, 2010

Festival of the Flutes in Coral Springs benefits three South Florida Charities

Friday night my friend and I drove all the way to Coral Springs (from Delray) for this annual event, organized every year by the PNA group to raise money for local charities. This year, the proceeds benefited three organizations: Coral Springs Community Chest, Lauren’s Light, Drug Free Youth In Town- DFYIT.

As we entered the ballroom, it was filled with lovely melodies of an accomplished flutest.
Although the vocalist was a tiny young woman, her powerful voice was definitely much bigger than her physical size. The moment she began to sing, everyone stopped and all eyes moved to the stage to discover the source of the beautiful sound. Lawrence Entertainment provided the entertainment.

My friend Tasha, who is a member of the PNA group, talked me into coming. She didn’t have to do much persuading because the event featured wine tasting and food samples from local restaurants, catering companies and bakeries.

And WOW, was I surprised! Both the food and wine were delicious. Even better, they didn't just serve simple creations.

All In Good Taste was our favorite. They offered a carrot ginger soup that even a meat and potatoes guy would love. As for the chocolate-covered lollipops made with cheese cake filling?Yummmmm. I would rate most of the food sponsors at this event 4 & 5s on a 5-point scale.
Really, they were de-lish.

Then there were people were dressed in costumes. There were witches, pimps, Cleopatra and a priest.

Coral Springs must be a fun place to live.

For a complete list of the purveyors of the event's fabulous food and wine, and all the sponsors who made it possible, visit Festival of the Flutes.

I think I'll be making that long drive to Coral Springs again to pick up some great dishes for my next party.

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